Take Tories’ bill cut with a pinch of salt : Morning Star

Labour blasts Conservative pledges to tie down ‘big 6’ profits

TORY claims that they will slash £100 from energy bills should be taken with a “huge pinch of salt,” Labour said yesterday.

Labour was responding to reports that Prime Minister Theresa May will order energy regulator Ofgem to set a maximum price that gas and electricity companies can charge customers.

But Labour spokesman Andrew Gwynne blasted the Tories’ record of failure to stand up to energy companies, which have enjoyed bumper profits while pushing through spiralling costs to consumers.

Last June the Competition and Markets Authority found that customers who use prepayment meters were being overcharged by a shocking £1.4 billion, leading to a cap being imposed.

And a Tory source claimed the new proposals would save the average family at least £100 per year, varying from region to region.

The source said: “We will be introducing a cap on overly expensive and unfair standard energy tariffs to ensure ordinary working families are getting a fair deal.”

But Labour hit back, pointing out that the Conservative Party has consistently prioritised the profits of energy companies over costs for working people.

Energy prices have soared under the Tories: the average customer is £900 worse off than in 2010. And five out of the “big six” energy companies have raised their prices since the start of the year.




  1. I have a novel idea why don’t they just do these things BEFORE any election then we can judge them on actions not promises. Promises we knows they will say are not deliverable after the election anyway. We know these conservatives are bullshit merchants just saying what they think people want to hear.

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