Tony Blair tells voters to back TORY candidates if they are against a hard Brexit : Express

TONY BLAIR has shockingly urged Labour voters to consider voting Tory in a desperate order to fight Brexit.

Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn

The former Prime Minister accepted it is a “steamroller election” – but Jeremy Corbyn reacted angrily and a spokesman claimed the Conservatives would “turn Britain into a low-wage tax haven”.

Mr Blair said: “The absolutely central question at this general election is less who is the prime minister on June 9, and more what is the nature of the mandate.

“In particular – because otherwise frankly this is a steamroller election – is it possible that we can return as many members of parliament as possible to parliament that are going to keep an open mind on this Brexit negotiation until we see the final terms?”

Asked if that could mean voting Lib Dem in a lot of cases, he said: “What I’m advocating may mean that.

“It may mean voting Labour. It may mean, by the way, that they vote Tory, for candidates who are prepared to give this commitment.”

Tony Blair failed to endorse Mr Corbyn and argued that Brexit is “bigger than party allegiance” which has angered many Labour



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