Voters furious at heartless Tory plans to raid pensions and hike taxes after the election : Daily Mirror.

As Theresa May dodged the press she sent out two ministers to face the music – but NEITHER gave direct answers to difficult questions.


Angry voters have rejected Theresa May’s heartless plan to hike taxes and raid pensions after the election.

A new poll shows nearly a third of people are less likely to support the Tories following Mrs May’s refusal to rule out tax rises or back the triple-lock on pensions.

The resounding thumbs-down for the Prime Minister came as she dodged the press, public and awkward questions yesterday by doing a disappearing act.

Instead, she sent out floundering ministers to face the music – but they failed to give direct answers to the thorny issues when tackled on TV and radio.

Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green and Tory chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin both lamely wriggled through interviews by saying the public would have to “wait for the manifesto”.

Scrapping the pensions guarantee could see Britain return to the dark days when payments to the elderly sometimes rose by just a few pence each year.

Damian Green failed to rule out scrapping the triple lock (Photo: Rex Features)

Countless Tory Chancellors from Geoffrey Howe to George Osborne have been quick to clobber hard-pressed families with hikes in VAT after election victories.

“A Tory election win would come with a huge price tag,” Labour’s campaign chairman Andrew Gwynne told the Mirror.

“The people picking up the bill won’t be the well off – it’ll be pensioners and those working hard to make ends meet, with the threat of lower pensions and higher taxes. Britain can’t afford the Tories.”

On Saturday the Mirror told how Mrs May had failed to rule out scrapping the triple-lock, which ensures pensions rise by a decent amount each year, while Chancellor Philip Ham-mond hinted at higher VAT and other taxes.

In contrast Labour said it would keep the pensions protection and warned of a “Tory tax bombshell”.

Yesterday a Survation poll showed both Mrs May’s policies are deeply unpopular and could turn voters off supporting the Tories on June 8.

The survey found 28% of people are less likely to vote Tory because of the attack on pensions, compared to just 17% who are more likely to do so. And 27% of voters are less likely to vote Tory because of the looming tax rises, compared with 16% who are more likely to do so.

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  1. If the voters are angry about losing the triple lock on pensions, they don’t know the half of it. From April 2019, pensioners will also be subject to the LHA, which means they wont have enough housing benefit to pay their rent. If the Tories are re-elected, pensioner evictions WILL happen.

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