Canada’s Ontario to pay guaranteed incomes to the poor : The Telegraph

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne

Ontario has launched a pilot program to provide a guaranteed basic income to a few thousand people to test its effects on recipients and public finances, the Canadian province announced on Monday.

Provincial premier Kathleen Wynne said the program would provide a “basic income” for three years to 4,000 people living under the poverty line.

“We want to find out whether a basic income makes a positive impact in people’s lives,” Ms Wynne said, adding that “everyone should benefit from Ontario’s economic growth.”

Income support payments will be as high as Can$16,989 (£9,800) a year for an individual, or Can$24,027 for a couple, plus an additional Can$6,000 for the disabled.

The figures will be reduced for those holding part-time jobs – they will receive 50 cents less for each dollar earned.



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