Conservative party ignored police requests to hand over internal bullying report : The Guardian

British Transport police say party has rebuffed repeated requests to see findings of inquiry launched following suicide of young activist Elliott Johnson.

The Conservatives have failed to hand over a report on allegations of bullying within the party to police despite repeated requests from detectives, it has emerged.

British Transport police (BTP) have asked the Tory party to disclose the full report on the bullying inquiry, which was launched after allegations were made against the former election aide and failed parliamentary candidate Mark Clarke.

Clarke was accused of bullying in a suicide note left by the Tory activist Elliott Johnson, who killed himself at the age of 21 in September 2015. Clarke has repeatedly denied all allegations levelled against him.

Johnson’s father, Ray Johnson, said he had received assurances from the Tory party chairman, Patrick McLoughlin, that the Conservatives would assist police with any investigations but later discovered the party had not responded to requests for the report.

A BTP spokesman confirmed requests for the report had been made but that officers had not yet received it. “We investigated the circumstances of Elliott Johnson’s death and prepared a report for the coroner. An inquest returned a verdict of suicide. If any new information is put forward to us in relation to this matter, we will of course consider it.”




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