‘Don’t let this chance go by’ : Morning Star

Ken Loach urges Britain to seize historic opportunity and vote for a left Labour

KEN LOACH has urged workers to seize the “historic opportunity” to elect a Labour Party prepared to radically improve the lives of ordinary people.

Speaking at the Scottish TUC’s annual Congress in Aviemore yesterday, the acclaimed film director said that, in Jeremy Corbyn, the movement at last has a Labour leader “who will stand with workers in struggle, as he stood with the steelworkers, the junior doctors and the railway workers — and he is not afraid to declare his solidarity.”

With his eyes on the June 8 general election, he told delegates: “For the first time in my lifetime I can stand and say I support the Labour leader. I think that’s extraordinary,” adding: “We cannot let this chance go by.”

On Labour’s chances in Scotland, the veteran leftwinger said: “It was a different Labour Party that lost Scotland: the Labour Party of Blair, Brown and Mandelson. This Labour Party is 180 degrees different.”

He accused the Tories of “imposing a policy of conscious cruelty” via Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefit sanctions and work capability assessments and warned that they were “too wicked to be let back into government.”

Speaking about the subject matter of his recent hit film I, Daniel Blake, Mr Loach said there was a “programme of systematic punishment by the DWP” forcing people into low-paid, insecure work through fear.




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