This election is a step on the road to an Orwellian, post-Brexit future : Left Foot Forward

Theresa May’s announcement that she is to hold a snap election shows our country is moving  towards an Orwellian post-Brexit future. In her speech outside Number 10 she might as well have said: The country is coming together to take back control, but some are taking back more control than others.

By pouring scorn on any opposition in both houses of Parliament; ignoring the voices of the millions who didn’t vote to leave the EU and those who have warned of the consequences of a hard Brexit, she is effectively stifling any further debate. Essentially May is asking the nation to give her a blank cheque: Brexit means whatever a Tory government says it means.

And the small print on the back of this cheque is becoming clear: invoking delegated, or Henry VIII, powers, which would enable the government to make and agree post-Brexit laws behind Parliament’s back; the Great Repeal Bill, ostensibly proposed to enable EU law to be transplanted into UK law but actually allowing the government to replace laws which the right like to refer to as ‘red tape’ — environmental standards, workers’ rights, consumer standards and the like; and replacing the politics of consensus between EU nations with hostile language, whether it be the threat of gunships to solve a dispute about Gibraltar or the threat of creating a tax haven if you cannot get your way on trade deals.

May has argued the country needs this election to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead. But the timing of this election reveals it is for exactly the opposite reason. When the true implications of leaving the EU become clear and the chaos of Brexit unfolds, the last thing you want to deal with is an election.

The prime minister effectively acknowledged this, saying that negotiations with the EU will reach their most difficult stage in the run-up to the next scheduled election. She could have added that it would also likely coincide with plummeting popularity both for the idea of Brexit and her own government.

Of course the timing also has everything to do with Labour. To borrow a further Orwellian Animal Farm analogy, ‘several of them would have protested (about the pigs taking control) if they could have found the right arguments’. Brexit has weakened and divided Labour like no issue since the Iraq war, providing the perfect window for the Tories to consolidate their power.

The Tories have also successfully stolen UKIP’s clothing. Or, to paraphrase Orwell again, we look from UKIP to Conservative and Conservative to UKIP but it is impossible to tell which is which.




    1. Thanks Linda. Brilliant video, spot on and so well edited. Casseteboy deserves a lot of respect for his work, although that is only 1min 59sec long that represents a good 10 hours work possibly more.


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