Workers ‘must go on the offensive to start winning’ : Morning Star

Wednesday 26th

TRADE unionists issued a rallying call yesterday, urging workers to go on the offensive rather then begging governments for their rights.

At an STUC fringe organised by the Morning Star, Institute of Employment Rights (IER) and People’s Assembly Scotland, Ruth Dukes said the IER was seeking to “refocus the debates around labour law, and put collective bargaining at the heart of the discussion.”

Unite senior regional organiser Roz Foyer said that the vast majority of IER’s manifesto could be delivered under a Corbyn government but added that “trade unions organising is crucial to winning on this agenda.”

She said it wasn’t enough to simply legislate on employment law, it was also vital to have “strong trade unions out in the field, and it has to involve workers themselves active in the workplace.”

Morning Star editor Ben Chacko said trade unions must “be bolder in fighting to win,” warning that a “current of defeatism” set in during the EU referendum campaign, with left-wing Remainers claiming we needed to rely on EU legislation for our rights.



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