Boris Johnson: Britain must ‘step up, not step back’ in world’s trouble spots: The Telegraph

Boris Johnson has said Britain must “step up, not step back” in the world’s trouble spots as he rammed home the message that Jeremy Corbyn is not the man to lead Britain through “this age of uncertainty”.

The Foreign Secretary made it clear that Theresa May is ”prepared to do everything necessary” to protect Britain against nuclear-armed nations just days after the Labour leader said he would never press the nuclear button.

Mr Johnson, who will hit the campaign trail on Thursday for the first time since the snap election was called, also dropped a heavy hint that the Conservative manifesto will pledge to maintain the Government’s defence spending at 2 per cent of gross domestic product.

He warned that in such “uncertain and unstable times” Western ideals of freedom – which are “not irreversible” – would only prevail if “we stand up for them and act accordingly”. His comments are likely to lead to speculation that Parliament could be asked to vote on military action in Syria after the election.

Contrary to reports that Mr Johnson was being sidelined by Mrs May, he will make a round of television appearances on Thursday morning as the Government’s main spokesman on the election.




    1. I see he has also asked Theresa May to strike a trade deal with the US that will allow the sale of Haggis in the US. That is the sort of election talking point that will woo the voters. Well done Boris…


      1. ˈmʌɡwʌmp/
        nounNorth American
        noun: mugwump; plural noun: mugwumps

        a person who remains aloof or independent, especially from party politics.

        mid 19th century: from Algonquian mugquomp ‘great chief’.

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    1. Excellent compilation of the horrors of living under Tory rule, and that was only some of the things that have been inflicted on us. To list them all would be enough to make a feature film.

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