Farron drops candidate after May jibe : Morning Star

LIB DEM leader Tim Farron bowed to Tory pressure yesterday, sacking a general election candidate amid allegations of anti-semitism.

He denounced former MP David Ward as “unfit to represent the party” hours after Theresa May launched a Commons attack against plans for him to be reselected in his old constituency of Bradford East.

Mr Ward later said he had been sacked so that debates on Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians are shut down.

He added: “The anti-semitic thing is a nonsense. It’s a well known tactic. How do you avoid conversation or any criticism about Israel? Just say people are anti-semitic.

“I am certainly not antisemitic.”

Ms May said Lib Dem supporters would be “disappointed” that a candidate “with questionable views on antisemitism” would be standing for the snap election on June 8.

This triggered Mr Farron to issue a statement saying: “I believe in a politics that is open, tolerant and united.

“David Ward is unfit to represent the party and I have sacked him.”

Mr Farron had told the Commons home affairs committee’s anti-semitism inquiry that Mr Ward had “served his time.”




  1. If Farron has bowed to pressure over this, you just know he will bend over for the Tories on anything. Don’t be fooled by his insistence that he won’t go into coalition with the Tories, he’ll do anything, just like his predecessor Clegg.

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  2. Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet and commented:
    If you silence the voices of dissent and promote the apartheid regime of Israel, BDS and the plight of the Palestinians will just go away? They might like that, but it isn’t going to happen. The backlash of this tactic will be to reinforce the fight against Israel’s murderous and genocidal war on the Palestinians.

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