Theresa May faces anger over refusal to commit to pensions ‘triple lock’ : i News

Theresa May has been accused of plotting to ditch the pensions 'triple lock'

Theresa May faced anger after she refused to commit the Conservatives to retaining the pensions “triple lock” during the final session of Prime Minister’s Questions before the general election. In acrimonious exchanges, she and Jeremy Corbyn staked out their lines of attack for the six-week campaign. She signalled her plans to portray the Labour leader as soft on defence and security, while he turned the spotlight on living standards and pressures on public services. Mrs May appeared to have been wrong-footed as Angus Robertson, the SNP’s leader in Westminster, asked whether the ‘triple lock’ – which guarantees that pensions rise by the highest of inflation, average wages or 2.5 per cent – was about to be ditched.

She refused to answer directly, simply replying that the triple lock had made pensioners better off by £1,250 and added that their incomes would continue to rise under a re-elected Tory government. ‘Litmus test for grey vote’ The National Pensioners Convention warned that the stance of all parties on the triple lock would be a “litmus test for the grey vote” on election day.



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