Anger as Johnson threatens to bypass MPs in rush to war : Morning Star

JEREMY CORBYN led criticism of Boris Johnson yesterday after he threatened to bomb Syria without bothering to ask for Parliament’s approval.

The Conservative Foreign Secretary was also told off by Stop The War after declaring it would be “very difficult to say no” if US President Donald Trump calls for a war coalition, citing unproven claims that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad smothered a rebelheld area in Idlib province with sarin gas.

The failed Tory leadership hopeful told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that Prime Minister Theresa May would back this plan to bypass a Commons vote.

But Mr Corbyn warned military action should not be taken while inspectors are investigating the chemical weapons allegation.

He added: “Inspectors there are already destroying any stocks of chemical weapons that they find.

“The issue has to be finding a political solution so that the millions who have been forced to flee from Syria are able to return home and the people of Syria are able to look forward to a future.”

Mr Johnson would “love to say yes” to a British-US coalition, Stop the War co-convener Lindsey German said, as it would help the Tories “deflect from their rotten domestic policies” by going to war while painting Mr Corbyn as a “security threat.”




  1. Meanwhile the Russians are dropping food, water and medicine not bombs…

    “Russia’s military provided over 1,800 Syrian civilians with humanitarian aid in the past 24 hours.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia’s military has delivered over 6 tonnes of food, bottled water and medicine to people in Damascus and Aleppo provinces over one day, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.”

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  2. Another embarrassment for the Tories last night on QT. Labour, LibDem and SNP MPs were very vocal in their condemnation of Boris and his warmongering, and his readiness to do whatever Trump told him to do.

    Have we not learned any lessons from Iraq? Perhaps if Blair had been prosecuted, as he should have been, the government wouldn’t be so gung ho in their eagerness to start another war.

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