Sign for full disclosure of criminals before the general election

Stop UK lies & corruption

Sign the petition to Alison Saunders CB, The Director of Public Prosecutions, The Crown Prosecution Service. The right to know the outcome of Election Expense Fraud Allegations.

It is in the interest of the public that this legal issue be fully disclosed. As the matter DIRECTLY relates to appointment of the MPs in question by the public, making the public their essential employers, and hence we have the right to know if the people who work for us committed a crime to get that position! The Common Law must overrule any “election rules”, as it is not in the common interest for this information, which may affect the outcome, to be withheld.

Criminal charges are at this very moment being considered by the Crown Prosecution Service against at least 30 individuals in the Conservative party. Many of them are currently MPs, many of them will be candidates in this election, and…

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