Labour branded ‘HYPOCRITES’ after blocking plan to crackdown on £8.6 billion tax avoidance : Express.

LABOUR has been accused of blocking a planned crackdown on tax avoidance which would have raised £8.6billion for the Treasury, it has been revealed.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party allegedly forced three measures to be dropped from the Governments’s finance bill earlier this week.

The measures rejected by the party included a fine on accountants who help their clients dodge tax, as well as a plan to close non-dom loopholes which would have saved the Government £1.6billion by 2022.

The Chief secretary to the Treasury blasted Labour as “hypocrites” because the party refused to also support the clampdown which would stop companies from shifting losses overseas to avoid corporation tax.

Tory MP David Gauke for Hertfordshire South West told the Telegraph: “Jeremy Corbyn’s weak and floundering Labour Party have again shown what a risk they pose to our economy by blocking new measures to tackle tax avoidance and clamp-down on nom-dons using tax loopholes.

“Corbyn and his team claim to support our crackdown on tax dodging but are so chaotic that they stopped it from happening. It’s shows they are either incompetent or hypocrites.

Read More : Express.



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