Bed-ridden stroke victim told to use food banks after DWP admin error leaves him without benefits : Independent

‘We’re at the lowest of the low. Nobody knows where to turn’

A bed-ridden stroke victim was told to use food banks after an administrative error left him and his wife facing extreme poverty.

Alan Buchanan, 65, has been bed bound after suffering several major seizures since he had his first stroke 15 years ago, and the once successful businessman is now entirely dependent on his wife Heather and the occasional visits of carers.

The couple, from the small Scottish town of Callander, near Loch Lomond, said they now fear homelessness after their benefits were stopped because of an administrative error.

Earlier this year, Ms Buchanan said an inspector from Atos — a company contracted to provide independent assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) — arrived two hours early for an assessment with Mr Buchanan, despite her phoning and specifically telling them not to arrive before 11am.

“A lady came to the house at about nine in the morning. She said she was from Atos. I explained to her that I had asked for an appointment at 11am, because Alan’s carers are here before that,” Ms Buchanan told The Independent. 

“I did ask her if she’d like to come in, basically to show her that he was there, in his bed. She could see his wheelchair and everything else sitting about because we live in a very small flat. She said ‘no it’s alright, we’ll reschedule’. Then she went away.”





  1. Despite pressure from Mr Buchanan’s GP and social workers, the DWP did not reconsider until the case was raised in Parliament earlier this week by the couple’s local MP.

    So…to get anywhere and get a fair shake from the DWP, one’s MP has to raise your case in parliament ?.


    “My fear is that there are many others who have suffered the injustice of losing the benefits to which they are entitled due to the patently unfair and ruthless way in which the benefits system is run under the Tories.”

    Your fear is ?, you obviously don’t know the half of it mate.

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  2. “Responding, Theresa May admitted there had been “some issues” with the way the system of assessing people applying for benefits had operated, but insisted the DWP was looking “very carefully” to ensure “proper assessments” were taking place.”

    Bullshit alert!!!

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    1. “But insisted the DWP was looking “very carefully” to ensure “proper assessments” were taking place.”

      Translation – The DWP look very carefully to ensure plausible deniability in all cases, where they have caused harm…

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  3. its part and parcel of these very highly trained hcp to falsify their records oh that bonus hay f/// their duty of care hmmm more aktion t4 hopping that it push another over the edge

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