Theresa May BRANDS Corbyn ‘weak, unstable, nonsensical & floundering’ as election looms : Express

THERESA May has delivered a withering assessment of her election rival Jeremy Corbyn, describing him as “weak, unstable, nonsensical and floundering” with just weeks to go before Britain goes to the polls.

The Prime Minister – who has been busy campaigning to increase her majority which in turn will strengthen her hand in upcoming Brexit negotiations – attacked the Labour party’s unclear stance on Brexit.

She called Britain to come together following the divisive EU referendum last year.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Mrs May said: “Labour has launched seven Brexit plans. They say conflicting things in the same sentence, let alone an hour or a day or a week afterwards.

“Jeremy Corbyn can’t even persuade 172 of his MPs to have confidence in him.”

Pleading for unity, she added: “What matters is that we come together and change this country for the future.

“The decision has been taken. Let’s just get on with it.”



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