20 ways Labour will help you : Morning Star

Theresa May offers more mess and misery.

LABOUR promised to transform the workplace “from the shop floor to the boardroom” yesterday as it unveiled a radical programme to strengthen security and equality at work.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outlined a 20-point plan that would commit a Labour government to policies including the banning of zero-hours contracts and scrapping the 1 per cent public-sector pay cap.

In a bid to tackle the “rigged economy,” Labour has pledged to raise the minimum wage to the living wage and scrap extortionate employment tribunal fees which have denied justice to many low-paid workers.

The party would repeal the Tory Trade Union Act as part of a commitment to “fighting inequality and securing decent work for people,” tackling low pay and insecure employment which has “mushroomed” under the Conservatives.

Under the plans Labour would also introduce four additional bank holidays to ensure that workers in Britain — which has the fewest public holidays of any EU country — get the same breaks as those in other countries.

Mr McDonnell said the plan sets out policies that would be “the cornerstone of the next Labour government’s programme to bring an end to the rigged economy that many experience in workplaces across Britain.

“The scandal of six million people earning less than the living wage and four million children growing up in poverty are not inevitable. It only takes a change of government to bring these outrages to an end.”

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady hailed the “impressive set of commitments” which “would make a real difference for millions of hardworking Brits.”




  1. Employers will scream blue murder having to pay everyone a minimum wage of £10ph, but they’ve had it too good for too long, making obscene profits on the backs of the workers. They will make all sorts of threats of redundancies etc, but why should they get away with letting taxpayers make up wages through tax credits?

    To me, it’s common sense to pay workers a decent wage for their work, it will give people more money to spend, the economy will pick up, as people will buy more, and the benefit bill will reduce.

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