Corbyn standing against terror, aggression: British scholar : Press TV

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched a campaign against the main supporters and promoters of terror and aggression around the world, says an academic in London.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare made the remarks in an interview with Press TV about the Labour Party’s main pledges for the upcoming general elections on June 9.

In a surprise move on April 18, UK Prime Minister May called a snap election to be held in June in order to bolster her position before going into two years of negotiations with the European Union about Britain’s departure from the bloc.

Her critics viewed the decision as an attempt to gain an even stronger majority and force her EU deal upon people without worrying about resistance within Parliament.

Corbyn has promised to end weapons deals with Saudi Arabia, if he becomes prime minister. May’s government has been providing Saudis with deadly weapons despite the Riyadh regime’s war on Yemen.

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Corbyn has also pledged to stop UK airstrikes in Syria and opt for a political solution instead. Unlike May, he has also refused to fully support Britain’s costly nuclear weapons program, known as Trident.

“The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is making a principled stand against the forces of aggression and” those who “support Takfiri terrorism,” Shakespeare told Press TV on Sunday.

“The USA and Israel, supported by the UK, in practice are supporting Takfiri terrorism and they are doing by their complete support for the regime,” he added.

“This is ultimately a question not just of moral principle but of long-term interest for the United Kingdom and Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party understand that,” he further argued.

The academic said voting for Labour was the only thing British voters needed to do to bring about change.




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