Cabbies’ cold welcome for Osborne : Morning Star

GEORGE OSBORNE was greeted by an angry “unwelcome party” yesterday as he turned up at the Evening Standard to start his first day as the London newspaper’s editor.

Black-cab drivers shouted: “We’re coming for you” at the former chancellor, who they say lobbied for Uber, the firm that has undercut them via the so-called gig economy, while in government.

A line of white powder, apparently representing cocaine, had been laid out outside the offices in Kensington, west London, and a giant mock Standard front page with a headline reading: “George Osborne: Lowering London’s Standards” also greeted him.

Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner was barred from the Commons for a day in 2005 for repeating drug-taking claims about Mr Osborne in his pre-MP days made by former prostitute Natalie Rowe in a national newspaper.

Mr Osborne, who has no professional experience in journalism, promised he would ensure the paper informs and entertains.



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