Germany ‘interfering in General Election in attempt to undermine Theresa May’ : The Telegraph

angela merkel

Germany has been accused by allies of Theresa May of trying to influence the General Election by undermining the Prime Minister over Brexit talks.

Allies of Mrs May believe Germany, in tandem with the EU, is embarking on a new “project fear” by repeatedly briefing against her.

Senior officials in the German government and in Brussels have openly mocked Mrs May or leaked sensitive information about private meetings in what is being seen as an attempt to undermine the Prime Minister.

Last week Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, also suggested Britain had “illusions” over what it could hope to achieve from Brexit.

may and juncker
Theresa May met Jean-Claude Juncker at Downing Street last week Credit: EPA

Weakening Mrs May’s mandate with the electorate would tilt the balance in favour of the EU negotiators, and Conservative sources have suggested she is the victim of a co-ordinated plot ahead of next month’s election.

One close ally of Mrs May said: “There is a long-standing tradition that countries do not involve themselves in the elections of other countries, and they seem to be breaking that.”

Mrs May has warned Jean-Claude Juncker that he will find her to be a “bloody difficult woman” if he refuses to compromise during Brexit negotiations.




  1. Theresa May, getting the excuses in early for losing the election. At least the Russians are getting a rest from taking the blame for everything.

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