Labour expects to spend less than half as much as Tories on general election : The Guardian

2017 campaign will be party’s most frugal in years, with insiders predicting only £7m will be raised.

Labour is expecting to spend less than half as much as the Tories on the general election campaign amid a drive for money donations from its 500,000 members.

Insiders said Labour had already raised around £3.8m for a possible poll when Theresa May announced a snap election two weeks ago. The party added that it had since received £1m in small donations.

Fundraising efforts will continue among union backers and its members. Officials hope this will bring at least another £3m. But private donations from wealthy figures have failed to materialise, Labour insiders said.

The Conservatives consistently spend close to the £19m general election spending limit, and are currently in the middle of a spending drive among their wealthy donors.

One Labour insider said their party would probably raise £7m in total, £5m less than in the 2015 general election under Ed Miliband.

“We are going to be outspent. Even if we had got to 2020, we would have been outspent. It is a reality of life now that the Tories can raise much more money at short notice for a short campaign,” a source said.

The difference in spending may not necessarily work against the party, Labour officials insist, because Jeremy Corbyn is happy to portray himself as the down-to-earth leader against the slick Tory party machine.

“Jeremy is going to be more comfortable in a town hall and a second class seat rather than in a hotel room or a helicopter,” the source said.

Whether for branding or financial reasons, Labour’s party political broadcasts will have production values far removed from the mini-movies it used to portray Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.




  1. Labour cannot hope to compete with the wealth of the Tories, but as the article in the Guardian states, this won’t necessarily work against Labour.

    Corbyn is quite happy to rough it, and travel by train everywhere. He also doesn’t need expensive media campaigns and catchy slogans. He has a massive following on Twitter and Facebook, and throughout the alternative media. His rallys are always well attended. If he wins this election on a shoestring budget, it will have the effect of showing the Tories up as wasteful and extravagant.

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