MPs call for the introduction of a new ‘Supported Housing Allowance’ : Welfare Weekly

Report argues it is inappropriate to use the Local Housing Allowance rate and calls for a new ‘Supported Housing Allowance’ instead.

MPs have called on the government to scrap plans to base rent allowances for supported housing tenants on rates used for claimants in the private rented sector and introduce a new Supported Housing Allowance.

The Communities and Local Government Committee, together with the Work and Pensions Select Committee, argues it is inappropriate to use the Local Housing Allowance rate and recommends that a new ‘Supported Housing Allowance’, banded to reflect the actual cost of provision in the sector, should be introduced instead.

In a new report published this week, the Committee also suggests a separate funding system for women’s refuges and calls on the government to work with providers and women’s charities in devising it.

Richard Graham MP, Co-Chair of the inquiry and member of the Work and Pensions Committee, said: “Supported housing is deeply valued by those who live in it and contributes enormously to their independence and wellbeing.

“We support the Government’s aims to reform funding for this vital sector to ensure quality and value for money, protect and boost supply, and provide greater local control.

“But we are concerned that the proposals, as they stand, are unlikely to achieve these objectives.

“Our recommendations seek to improve the Government’s plans and ensure it delivers on our common goal of a sustainable, long-term funding solution for supported housing.”




  1. It would be a lot easier to just drop the local housing allowance regulations altogether. This will seriously impact on everyone’s ability to pay their rent, and unfairly discriminates against people in supported housing, sheltered housing and hostels, where the costs are higher.

    I worked out that I would be entitled to £97 pw lha. My current rent is £140 pw, so I would have to make up the shortfall, which is quite considerable. There are no properties available for rent in the area at £97, so even if I looked for a cheaper property, I would still have to make up the shortfall.

    When pensioners start being evicted, perhaps the public will finally wake up to the atrocities of this government, but as it has been deferred ’till 2019, it will be too late to do anything.

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