Theresa May accused of hiding from voters on Bristol visit : The Guardian

Criticism follows similar complaints in Cornwall that reporters were shut in a room and banned from filming the prime minister.

Theresa May was accused of hiding from residents on a Bristol housing estate and shutting reporters out of a factory visit in Cornwall, as the tightly controlled stage management of the Conservative election campaign came under scrutiny.

The prime minister addressed at a social club on a housing estate in Brislington in the Labour-held seat of Bristol East, where she urged voters in the south-west not to return to backing the Liberal Democrats.

However, residents of the estate were not invited and gathered outside waiting for a glimpse of May, while the audience inside was made up of Conservatives activists from across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

It came after a furore over May’s earlier visit to the marginal seat of St Ives in Cornwall, where the county’s biggest news website was banned from filming the prime minister’s visit to a factory.

Reporters from Cornwall Live complained that they were shut in a room to enforce the video ban while the prime minister was visiting a diving equipment factory in Helston.

The news website, which represents the Cornish Guardian, the Western Morning News and West Briton, said it was only allowed to ask two questions and that it had been told by No 10 that its multimedia reporter had only been invited as “print media” and was therefore not permitted to film the event.




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