WORK-SHY POLITICIANS MPs demand four-day week and call to abolish Friday sittings of the House of Commons : Sun.

A report found that many MPs duck out of spending their Fridays at Westminster.

MPs have demanded a four day week with calls to abolish Friday sittings of the House of Commons.

A report from the Commons Procedures Committee — snuck out on the day Parliament was formerly dissolved for the election — found many MPs are already ducking spending Fridays in Westminster.


Getty Images
MPs are asking for a four day week with Friday sittings abolished

Fridays are usually set aside for backbench Private Members Bills that are unlikely to ever become law — prompting some MPs surveyed to suggest they be scrapped all together.

And one anonymous MP even called evening sittings in the week to be reduced to give time for

“Members with children in London to say goodnight to them and those without to go to the theatre occasionally.”


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They argue that Fridays are for Private Member Bills which almost never become laws

The report concluded that support across the Commons for MPs to continue turning up on Fridays was “considered fragile.”

Another anonymous MP told the Committee: “Additional time in the constituency would be beneficial and I would rather work longer Monday to Thursday.”

Read More : The Sun.



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