Corbyn has unveiled a 20-point plan to end the rigged economy and challenge the super-rich : Evolve Politics

Exactly two years since Ed Miliband released his doomed election monolith, Corbyn’s Labour have unveiled their 20-point plan to “end the rigged economy”… and the two could not be more different!

The plan includes important and popular demands to end to the public sector pay cap, repeal the Tories’ Trade Union Act, ban zero-hour contracts, introduce four new bank holidays, and raise the minimum wage to £10.

Elsewhere, Corbyn has also pledged to find £3billion to plug the shortfall in school funding; increase pay for overworked NHS staff as well as scrapping tuition fees for student nurses and midwives, which had previously been covered by bursaries; and to work toward solving the housing crisis by building half a million council houses by 2020.

These are vote-winning policies, which could strike a mortal blow against the Tory government.

But how this program would be funded remains unclear. Corbyn has identified the key issues faced by the working class (i.e. poverty, underemployment, privatisation, etc.), but his program could be sharper in its treatment of parasitic big business.

Corbyn has said that a Labour government would reverse the Tories’ cuts to the top rate of tax on investment gains. At a conservative estimate, this would generate around £2billion a year.

He has also pledged to introduce a 20:1 maximum pay ratio in the public sector.

These are significant steps in the right direction, but in themselves they do not go far enough in ending the “rigged economy” – a fact which has not gone unnoticed in the Tory press.

To answer this, Corbyn should make the billions of pounds lost every year to corporate tax avoidance one of the centrepieces of his election campaign! Indeed, just a few weeks before the election was announced, John McDonnell stated:




  1. If the past two years has showed us anything, it is not to trust political pundits or the right wing media – and to believe that another world is possible. RIGHT ON.

    Imagine those Tory faces if Labour win the election ?.


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