Knee and hip replacement waiting times to DOUBLE under cuts, leaked document reveals : Express.

HIP and knee replacement patients will be forced to wait months in agonising pain after health service cuts see delays double.

Leaked documents reveal the number of NHS patients waiting longer than 18 weeks for surgery is forecast to soar over the next two years.

Figures from health service regulators show waiting list numbers for hip and knee surgeries are expected to rise to 800,000 by 2019, compared with a current figure of 370,000.

Hernia, cataract and non-urgent brain and heart procedures will also be affected.

The delays would leave 5.5 million patients facing longer waiting lists, up from 3.7 million.

The Royal College of Surgeons said the growing waiting times were “unacceptably high” and would leave patients at risk of death and disability.

Ian Eardley, vice president, said: “NHS Improvement’s waiting times estimated paint a devastating picture for patients and hammer home just how damaging de-prioritising the 18-week target for planned surgery will potentially be.

“Without further help from the next Government after the election, this is what the real impact will be on patients of successive under-funding of the NHS.”

Read More : Daily Express.



  1. I’ve just been put on the list for a knee replacement, so it looks like I might have a longer wait than I thought. Mind, if the Tories get in, I’ll be lucky to ever get my operation.

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