The force May be with you, in a strong and stable war on Brussels : The Guardian

Only the PM could save Britain from the Evil Empire. The continental press had misrepresented her plans for intergalactic domination.

This wasn’t an election. It was war. The Queen hadn’t been too happy to hear it during their half-hour meeting, but even a monarch had to bow before the wishes of the Supreme Leader. As her limo returned to Downing Street from Buckingham Palace, Kim Jong-May strode purposefully towards the lectern set up in front of No 10. It was time to address her subjects.

There were dark forces at work, she said gravely. The lights were going out all over England. She had tried to be reasonable with the enemy by telling them exactly on what terms Britain was prepared to leave the EU. But the untrustworthy Johnny Foreigner had just thrown it back at her. The continental press had deliberately misrepresented her plans for intergalactic domination. Stick-It-Up-Your-Juncker had dared to say he thought the negotiations might involve negotiation. Deadly threats had been made against the UK.

All of these acts had been deliberately timed to affect the result of the general coronation that would take place on 8 June. There was a global conspiracy at play to make sure she was deposed as Supreme Leader and replaced by the EU collaborator Jeremy Corbyn. Forget the opinion polls that suggested she was heading for a landslide victory. They were just part of a Brussels dirty op. Unknown to everyone in the country but her, the EU had secret agents waiting inside every polling station to stop every Conservative voter.

Only one thing could save Britain at a time like this. “Strong and stable leadership,” she said, sounding ever more deranged and unstable. Kim Jong-May’s eyes glazed over in rapture. All her life she had waited for this moment and now she had got her wish. Now the world could see what a strong and stable finger looked like when it hovered over the nuclear button. What the country needed was a strong and stable war with Brussels and she was the person to give it that strong and stable war. A war with Jeremy Corbyn in charge could only lead to a coalition of chaos.




    1. I think the same Loccie. I’m convinced she’s deliberately trying to lose this election. Hiding away from the public, threatening the pensioners with scrapping the triple lock, and insulting the EU at the start of negotiations, is not the behaviour of someone wanting to win. I suspect a massive economic crash is imminent, and she’s trying to dump it on Corbyn.

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