EU warns of ‘impossible’ Brexit negotiations with UK : Press TV

European Union Council President Donald Tusk gives a press conference at the European Council building in Brussels on April 29, 2017. (Photos by AFP)

European Council President Donald Tusk has warned of “impossible” Brexit negotiation after UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused Brussels of meddling in Britain’s election.

“These negotiations are difficult enough as they are. If we start arguing before they even begin they will become impossible,” Tusk told a Thursday news conference alongside Norway’s prime minister.

“The stakes are too high to let our emotions get out of hand, because at stake are the daily lives and interests of millions of people on both sides of the Channel,” the former Polish premier said.

“We must keep in mind that in order to succeed we need today discretion, moderation, mutual respect and a maximum of goodwill,” he added.

The remarks came hours after European Parliament President Antonio Tajani insisted that “no one is trying to influence the outcome of the election campaign in the United Kingdom.”

On Wednesday, May accused the EU of using Brexit as an excuse to influence the outcome of Britain’s upcoming general election.

Speaking after a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, May told reporters at 10 Downing Street that the “bureaucrats of Brussels” were hoping to sway voters by making “threats” against the country.

She also attacked the European media, saying they had “misrepresented” her government’s stance on negotiations concerning the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.




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