Furious Question Time audience turns on member who branded foodbank users ‘freeloaders who smoke, drink and have Sky television’ : Daily Mail.

  • Unnamed man was booed angrily during last night’s BBC show in Wigan
  • Panel asked about issue of increasing numbers of people using foodbanks
  • He said: ‘The vast majority that go for smoke, drink and have Sky television’
  • As the audience around him started to boo furiously he said: ‘That is the truth’
  • Do you know the Question Time foodbank critic? Email news@mailonline.co.uk 

A Question Time audience member caused a major row last night after claiming most people using foodbanks are boozers and smokers with expensive TV packages at home.

The unnamed man was booed furiously while making the point about people collecting free food across Britain during last night’s show in Wigan.

The panel were discussing the issue of foodbanks after Theresa May was grilled over claims nurses were relying on them because of low wages.

The audience member then said: ‘I haven’t visited a foodbank but I know people who have. The vast majority of them that do go for free food smoke, drink and have Sky television’.

As boos rang out in the Wigan audience he was undeterred and said loudly over his critics: ‘That is the truth’.

He was responding to the question: ‘Should we hang our heads in shame that in one of the richest countries in the world people are queuing for food?’

The audience did not agree with his claims, with one saying: ‘Last night I travelled through Wigan town centre and I saw 10 people sitting in doorways. They obviously were not watching Sky’.


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