Labour MPs should mount ‘guerrilla campaign’ to rid the party of Jeremy Corbyn, former minister says : The Telegraph

Labour MPs must mount a “guerrilla campaign” to oust Jeremy Corbyn and reclaim the party, former deputy leader Roy Hattersley has said.

Writing on the eve of the local elections, the Labour heavyweight warned moderate MPs must not allow the left-wing of the party to put voters off and banish the party to opposition for decades.

It came as voters across the country cast their ballot in the local elections, which Jeremy Corbyn’s senior aides have said will act as a “yardstick” for the general election in June.

Polling experts have warned Labour could be on course to lose more than a hundred seats.

Despite the dire predictions the leader gave himself the nickname  “Monsieur Zen” yesterday as he called on swing voters to get behind Labour rather than think tactically.

Mr Corbyn claimed he “never gets angry” although is left feeling “slightly irritated” by suggestions that the Lib Dems are the alternative opposition, given their record in government.

But writing in the New York Times Mr Hattersley said the election is “an ideal opportunity” to set out an alternative vision for the party by encouraging moderate MPs to wrestle control away from Mr Corbyn.




  1. Even though the local elections look disappointing for Labour, I don’t see them as a yardstick for the general election. The Tories have picked up UKIP votes, as Theresa May has made the election about Brexit, rather than policies.

    I was unable to vote, as I have not yet been put on the electoral roll in spite of applying, and I assume many others are in the same boat, if they have recently applied. In one town, only 700 people turned out to vote.

    I hope the Tories are lulled into a false sense of security, then get absolutely hammered in the general election.

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    1. Agreed. On the plus side as Linda has said the election will be a whole different ball game. Labour membership has taken another leap and with the Teachers, Nurses, Disabled and Students largely behind Corbyn all is not yet lost.


    1. “it is the independents – many of whom are former Labour members and back socialist policies – who have hurt Labour”.

      These Duplicitous Turncoats that’s what’s done it.

      It’s all down to the GE now.

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