Our launch for #TrashTheTories #NotTheFuckingTories Campaign : DPAC

On a lovely sunny day DPAC activists met up in London from as far away as Edinburgh and Wrexham to take our messages to Tory Head Office that we will #TrashTheTories in the forthcoming general election.

We’d like to thank all of you who came, all of you who joined in on-line and all of you who donate to DPAC either regularly or as a one-off payment for your support which allows these events to happen.

I travelled down with Jae and we met a woman aged 77 years old who was still having to work because her state pension was so inadequate and she couldn’t live on it. While I realise she is a whole 20 years younger than old Philip, who has just retired from abusing foreign visitors to the UK, at the grand old age of 97 goodness knows what will happen to her and other pensioners like her when the triple lock is removed from pensions by the Tories if they win the election.

While we didn’t quite manage our primary objective which had been to occupy the Tory Party office we spent some time gathered outside making ourselves heard and then went off to block a road next to Westminster Abbey. By that stage the numbers of police officers accompanying us seemed to have grown from the original few to dozens but then we had already been thanked by the police for having the protest on such a nice day and getting them out of the office so I assume more of them felt the same way.

We stayed in the road about an hour to an hour and a half and most of us as the police kept saying had been warned. Those of us who had been prevented from going back onto the road at one point filled in our time leafleting the public as they passed.



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