The fight of and for our lives : Keith Ordinary Guy

Readers might be somewhat put off by a silly, perhaps frivolous, attempt to portray the Labour and Tory leaders as characters from a movie, but the truth is that we’ve gone a very long way beyond that, so please bear with me.
For over a week now I have had a growing ache in my body, a wrenching ache that has steadily increased. I have felt the need to rest more, to sleep it off, but it is relentless and the very simple fact is that I am living on the edge of tears that will, at some point, release, but the problem remains.


I am outraged at the farce this election has already become, the power games Theresa May is playing, the lies and deceit and the vile twisted spectacle of it all.

My response has been mixed, from sharing some of the stories going the rounds which I felt needed sharing, to mocking and satirising the whole damned ludicrous ‘thing’, to sharing the policies that should be the real story but which are being smothered to the point of banality by ‘spectacle’.

The facts are that we’ve lived through seven years of Tory hell and thousands of people have died. They are stealing our NHS right from under our noses and if they get in again it’ll be all over for our most treasured institution and our greatest national achievement. They have turned the national safety net, our system of social security, into a secret penal system driving people into despair and death and attacking the weakest and most vulnerable people in the UK. Since 2010 food banks and food bank usage have gone through the roof as has poverty. And those are but a very few issues that we face which will, of a certainty, get very much worse if the Tories get back in.

I am getting on in years, I live on ‘my’ state pension, I have terminal cancer and I struggle with mental ill health and the brutal callousness of the Tories has had a dramatic affect on my life. I have little hope that my remaining years under a Tory government will be in any way peaceable and the reality is I do not expect to survive another five years of Tory misrule and their callous brutality. I do not require anyone’s pity, but I do require of myself that I face reality. I will fight these bastards to the bitter end but I have no plans to lose my sense of humour, my love of life and nor do I have any intention of giving up fighting for justice, but it hurts and it hurts badly.




  1. I just see another round of absolute hell from the Tories after the 8th of June, that’s what the idiots in this country want and are going to vote for, and that’s what they’re going to get, another round of hell.

    I despair, I really do despair.

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  2. It will be worse if they get back in because they will have that dreaded ‘mandate’ stick with which to beat the stupid people who voted for them. They allow speculation about NI increases, triple lock being removed, tax increases etc etc etc and then refuse to admit or deny they will carry them out. The stupid will vote for them then be surprised when they do all those things. The Tories will stand up and say ‘it is a hard decision but we must be strong’ and ‘the voters gave us a ‘mandate’ to do it’.

    The general public are too far into the rabbit hole of brain washing they fall for the character assassination politics of the right. The devil is clever and wants to take as many people with him as possible.

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  3. Ferguslie park in Paisley, Renfrewshire and Shetlleston in North East Glasgow, two of the poorest parts of Scotland… and both elected a Conservative councillor.

    I mean…honestly, you couldn’t ficken make it up. Talk about as thick as mince.

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    1. The Tories have played upon people’s fears of immigrants. The very people they encouraged here (under Theresa May’s Home Office immigration control debacle), so they could undercut wages, and deliberately run down local services, the NHS etc, to enrage local (mostly Labour), constituents.

      I feel sorry for the people voting Tory, they are obviously, easily lead and are looking and hoping for something better than the shitty lives they have at the moment. Lambs to the slaughter, every one of them.

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