May the Good Lord have mercy on our souls because the Conservatives certainly won’t : Daily Record.

Record View reacts to the Conservative’s shock gains in Scotland’s industrial heartlands.


It’s 25 years since the Tories completed their destruction of Scotland’s industrial heartlands with the closure of Ravenscraig.

The party of Margaret Thatcher and John Major paid a high price for that devastating brutality. Within five years, they had been wiped off Scotland’s electoral map.

But yesterday, in results that would have been scarcely believable a few years ago, the Tories made an unlikely comeback in the very communities they laid waste to.

Given the current political trends, they were always going to do well in former heartlands such as Perthshire, Angus and the North East.

But Tories elected in Glasgow Shettleston? In Calton? In Paisley’s Ferguslie Park? It had to be seen to be believed.

Yet no result was quite as disturbing as Ravenscraig.

The image of that collapsing gas tower is an enduring reminder of what the Conservatives did last time they had unfettered power. Now some Scots seem willing to forgive and forget.

They’re mostly disillusioned Labour voters and committed unionists desperate to stop the SNP in their tracks. And perhaps that will work.

But there is a lot more to the important business of democracy than flag waving and protest voting.

Yesterday, the Conservatives were given a lot more clout in local decision making.

And if it continues through to the general election, Scotland will be in for a true shock.

Read More : Daily Record.



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