Tories make gains in some of Scotland’s most deprived areas : i News

Scottish Conservative candidate Thomas Kerr (left) unexpectedly won a seat in Shettleston in Glasgow's east end (Photo: PA)

The Conservatives have continued their dramatic fightback in Scotland by making big gains at the local elections, with people in some of the nation’s most deprived areas electing Tory councillors for the first time. With the results from all 32 local authorities declared, Ruth Davidson’s party were celebrating gaining 164 seats across Scotland, penetrating into areas where they have previously been regarded as unelectable.

The Tories are now the largest party in six council areas, with Ms Davidson suggesting that the party was on course to make further gains from the SNP at next month’s general election.

Ahead of the local election, Theresa May urged Scots who were opposed to a second independence referendum to “send a message” to Nicola Sturgeon with their vote. The tactic appears to have paid off, with the Tories recording their best result in Scottish council elections since devolution. For the first time ever, the Tories had a councillor elected in Paisley’s Ferguslie Park, which last year was named as the most deprived part of Scotland for the second time in a row. The party also increased its numbers in Glasgow, where it previously had just one representative, including in Shettleston in the city’s east end.




  1. I just can’t get my head around this. The poorest areas have suffered the worst abuse and deprivation that a Tory government could possibly inflict, yet people are voting for more of the same. It beggars belief.

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  2. NO…Just thick as mince, and totally incapable of any kind of independent thought. Relying on others to do their thinking for them.

    I’m not joking, 70/80 IQs. and in the interests of democracy and fair play, they’re allowed by law to have a vote.

    I think every British citizen should take a simple IQ test (two and two is X… what is X ?, if you have three bananas and your friend takes one banana, how many bananas are left ?. who is Jeremy Corbyn ?, Theresa May etc) to see if they have at least some sort of an idea of what they’re doing when they’re all alone in a polling booth.

    I’ve convinced myself that some of them are just picking the first candidate they see on the list.

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