Two candidates with the same name in the poorest area in Scotland…did voters really mean to pick the Tory? : Daily Record

Shock election of Tory councillor in deprived Paisley community has led some residents to ask if voters were confused by candidates with the same name.

Ferguslie Park residents were yesterday stunned that a Tory councillor had been elected in their ward.

But speculation is rife that voters had plumped for the wrong John McIntyre.

We spoke to voters immediately after the shock announcement, with many claiming the local electorate had thought they’d actually voted for popular local activist John Goudie McIntyre, who was standing as an independent.

PAISLEY DAILY EXPRESS: Live news as it happens

Ferguslie Park’s new Conservative councillor himself admitted yesterday that he was “shocked” to have been voted on to Renfrewshire Council.

It’s believed to be the first time in decades that a Conservative has been voted in for the area — the most deprived community in Scotland.

Ian Clark, 37, bed manager at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, was adamant the people had made a mistake at the polling station.

He said: “I think there has been a massive mix-up.

“I think folk were trying to vote for the other John McIntyre from up here and made a mistake.“

His thoughts were echoed by retired teacher Margaret McDermott, 64, who added: “There is a suggestion that people voted for the wrong John McIntyre.

“If it’s true, it’s really bad.

“It’s possible it has been a case of mistaken identity, because I can’t believe a Tory has got in.”




    1. And we have Ivor Tiefenbrun Junior, son of Ivor Tiefenbrun Senior.

      Ivor Tiefenbrun (Jewish) Junior was born into riches, his dad – and de-facto now himself – owns Linn hi-fi products based in Waterside in South east Glasgow.

      Junior never wanted for anything, he got everything handed to him on a plate – since the day he was born – from his dad.

      Ivor Tiefenbrun Senior though, the man that Junior will never be, started Linn Hi-Fi with virtually nothing, and eventually (with the very best working class sound engineering help) created a first class Hi-Fi system.

      The Linn Classic (Amplifier, CD player, FM, AM radio all in one case came in at well over a thousand pounds (and that was without speakers included) when it was released around 15 years or so ago.

      And that fat cnut Junior swans around (on the back of his dad) thinking he’s a big shot.

      People like him make me sick to the stomach.

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  1. Ah…I didn’t know that, there must be some explanation like that, never thought of a voting mix up as the cause.

    This Tory fraud McIntyre should put his hands up and demand another voting session in order to get it right.

    You’re right Linda, this Tory will never be able to go anywhere near Ferguslie park, I’m not joking, it’s a dangerous district (over the last thirty years) for ordinary Joes to go walking around in.
    Never mind a Tory who the locals have got it into their heads has (his fault or not his fault) conned them.

    He wont even be able to hold any kind of surgery or meeting place (anywhere) to address peoples complaints, it would be just far to dangerous to his physical and mental health.

    (PS) The late Gerry Rafferty (Stealers Wheel, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU, Baker street, Right down the line etc) was born in Underwood lane right on the verge of Ferguslie park, back then in the forties when it was a good god fearing district…lol, he even made an album called ”FERGUSLIE PARK”.

    If he thought that Feegie would turn Tory, he’d turn in his grave.

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