Angus Robertson breaks promise to donate house sale cash to charity : Express

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson has broken a promise to donate tens of thousands of pounds in profit from the sale of his taxpayer-funded second home to charity, it can be revealed today.

Angus Robertson with Nicola Sturgeon

The party’s deputy chief, who faces a tough battle to hang to his Eurosceptic seat in Moray, is now facing calls to return the money to the public purse or donate it to good causes as he originally pledged.

Mr Robertson bought a “small” flat in the London Borough of Lambeth in February 2006 for £227,500 and designated it as his second home under the former rules for MPs’ expenses.

He went on to claim almost £60,000 in mortgage interest, £4,000 in stamp duty and legal fees and around £16,000 for repairs and furnishings, including a £2,300 leather sofa bed.

When the expenses scandal broke in 2009, the MP was one of many politicians embarrassed by the revelations – and he responded by promising to repay any profit he made from the sale of the flat.

He told Elgin’s Northern Scot newspaper in May 2009: “I will not personally profit from capital gains accrued while mortgage interest was paid for with taxpayers’ money. The public purse will be reimbursed through full capital gains tax payments, with any remaining capital gains returned to the parliamentary authorities or to good causes in my constituency.”

The rules on second homes were changed at the 2010 General Election and Mr Robertson stopped claiming mortgage interest in July 2010. As a result, the parliamentary authorities ruled that he did not have to repay any capital gains.

Angus Robertson campaigning




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