Britons ready to pay more council tax to fund social care : Welfare Weekly

Survey finds 57% would pay extra to reverse shortfall caused by years of cuts.

A majority of Britons are prepared to pay more council tax to help stem the growing crisis in social care, with some ready to hand over £200 a year extra, according to a new survey.

In all, 57% of the public are ready to pay more council tax in order to boost social care. Funding care has become a key domestic political challenge after years of falling town hall budgets led to cuts in home services for older people.

The survey results come as the Conservatives finalise their manifesto, which is due to be published in the next few days and is widely expected to contain new plans to improve social care, after Theresa May promised that she would not “duck the issue” and would bring forward a long-term solution.

Pollsters ComRes found that 33% of the 2,029 British adults it interviewed last month were ready to pay up to £50 a year more in council tax while another 17% said they would happily see their bills rise by between £50 and £100 for that purpose. Much smaller numbers of people were prepared to pay between £100 and £150 (4%), £150 to £200 (1%) and more than £200 (1%) for social care.

Men (27%) were much more likely than women (20%) to say they were willing to pay more than £50 a year extra. And the better-off, those in the AB socio-economic groups, were also the social class most likely to say the same. One in three (33%) people classed as ABs were prepared to pay at least £50 more, against the average of 23% across all social classes.



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