Government must put workers rights ‘at the heart’ of Brexit deal : Welfare Weekly

TUC report warns Britain could be at risk of becoming “a bargain basement economy” if workplace rights aren’t protected after Brexit.

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has warned that the next UK Government must put workplace rights “at the heart” of any Brexit deal with the European Union, or risk Britain becoming “a bargain basement economy”.

A new study published by the TUC last week warns that working people on low-incomes in both the UK and the EU are at risk from a erosion in workplace rights after Britain leaves the EU.

The report ‘Could a bad Brexit deal reduce workers’ rights across Europe?’, commissioned by the TUC from the Work Foundation, found that better labour standards can help attract foreign investment, helping to create a “race to the top” for high-pay high-productivity jobs.

But it warns of a real risk for those working in low-pay and low-productivity sectors if workplace rights are not protected after Brexit, leading to a “race to the bottom” in both Britain and the EU.

TUC says the Chancellor has threatened to change the UK to a deregulated tax haven if a post-Brexit deal with the EU is not reached, raising the risk that Britain may cut protections for people at work.




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