Fraud Probe Catches Up With Tories : Morning Star

– CPS could publish prosecution decision on election expenses before June 8 – May still denies calling snap election to distract from fraud investigation.

CRIMINAL charges against dozens of Tories for fraudulent 2015 election expenses could be announced by prosecutors before the June 8 general election.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said yesterday it would reveal whether more than 30 people who are accused of labelling expenses incorrectly in 2015 to take advantage of higher spending limits will face the charges.

This includes as many as 20 Conservative MPs, most of whom are seeking re-election. The party has denied intentionally breaking the limits.

The CPS told the Star that the announcements were expected between the end of May and the beginning of June, but that they would vary slightly between police forces.

Fifteen forces applied for a 12-month extension for their investigations last year — varying from late May to early June.

A CPS spokesman said he couldn’t be specific as to when the charges would be announced. But, he added, it could happen before the extensions expire.

He said he couldn’t reveal any more details until the police forces made their decisions.

A Channel 4 News exposé revealed last year that the Tories got away with spending more during the 2015 general election campaign by labelling their “Battlebus” project as national campaigning rather than local.

It had uncovered “compelling evidence” from documents, emails and social media posts, that activists spent time travelling around Britain to campaign for local candidates.



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