Two men who earn over £80k debate Labour’s high-wealth tax – this is why the BBC is biased AF. : Evolve Politics

Following Labour’s recent general election (GE) policy announcement that they would raise tax exclusively on people who earn over £80k a year, the BBC has, once again, reacted to discredit this very popular policy proposal, getting “tax expert” advice from highly paid elitist professionals making well over the £80,000 threshold.

As has become standard practice at this point, the Beeb wheeled out this “tax expert” from the neoliberal, corporately funded IFS “think tank” to offer his expert “impartial” advice on Labour’s high-wealth tax policy during a recent BBC News interview.

Both the BBC interviewer and the Director of the IFS, are part of the elite ultra-wealthy group that Labour is seeking to tax — that 5% of the population.

How these two men, both working inside elites institutions on wages above the £80,000 threshold, feel about Labour’s tax rise on elites should be no surprise — the last thing we should expect is that they would be impartial.

Once again the BBC has demonstrated exactly why they are so biased against not just Corbyn, McDonnell, and Labour, but also against the will of the British public.

The Tories’ tax policy for the GE has so far been unclear, indicating that they are likely to raise taxes should they get into power — not on the elite, of course, but  on the rest of us  – just as they have been doing for these last 7 years.

The recently published Sunday Times Rich List illustrates just how obscenely wealthy a lucky few are at the moment — while the rest of us are left behind with decreasing wages, insecure work, and public services bludgeoned.

The Rich List boasted that:



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