Dad’s final months battling cancer dramatically improved ‘by taking cannabis oil’ : Mirror

Jason Kamara had shown a remarkable turnaround in his symptoms before dying from a brain bleed, his family said.

A dad’s final months battling cancer were dramatically improved by taking cannabis oil, his family said.

Jason Kamara, 44, had been given just weeks to live when he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in January.

Unable to walk and paralysed down his right hand side, he was moved to a hospice, the Teesside Gazette reports.

But after taking cannabis oil for medication, he showed a remarkable improvement in his symptoms.

Jason was soon able to speak clearly, move his right arm and, eventually, leave the hospice.

His brother John said that with “hard work and dedication, strength and determination,” Jason’s cancer stopped spreading and, with his inspirational and positive approach, he seemed to be in control of his fight.

But tragically on Saturday, he developed a brain bleed and died two days later.

He leaves a wife, Jane, daughters Amy and Imogen, son Elijah and grandson Brodie.

A planned charity night will instead become a celebration of his life, his family said.



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