Labour’s nastiest troll sabotages his leader (again), four weeks before the General Election : Evolve Politics

Corbyn VS Foster

There are certain character traits evident in many of our UK politicians that leave a great deal to be desired. Some mannerisms are easier to swallow, or dilute, than others. For example, whilst I recognise the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson are virtually the equivalent of affable Sith Lords spreading a cancerous evil among the plebeians they feed on at night, they are at least affable. There is a certain amusement to be found in their quaint, bumbling awkwardness. Entertainment value, if you will.

Then, there are politicians like Michael Foster. A man who claims to be a member of the Labour Party, who has just put himself forward as a candidate for Islington North – the same constituency as the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Four weeks before a general election – perhaps the most important general election this British public shall know in their lifetimes.

“I love the Labour Party, which is why I’m standing against Jeremy Corbyn.” “A heavy heart.” Poppycock. One can hardly imagine a more brazen, or more deliberately public attempt to sabotage and destroy the Labour campaign. And yet again, it comes from within the most insidious corners of the Labour Party itself.

Michael Foster: the Labour “candidate” (who writes for The Daily Mail)

I admit, I take particular issue with Michael Foster. As someone whose father was a Jewish refugee welcomed to Britain during WWII, whose paternal family were also wiped out by actual antisemites and Nazis, I take extreme issue with those who would try to skew Jeremy Corbyn or his party as antisemitic for political gain. It is quite frankly, in my opinion, the cheapest and most deplorable of shots.




  1. Foster, along with Blair, and all the other hangers-on, should be expelled from the Labour Party immediately. Other members have for much less. In fact, three members have just been expelled for trying to form a progressive alliance to oust Jeremy Hunt from his seat and elect an NHS doctor.

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  2. Over the weekend, Mr Williams chaired a meeting on behalf of Compass and with the support of Ms Townsend and Mr Park, during which members of the South West Surrey Labour Party agreed to unite behind an NHS doctor and leader of the National Health Action party instead of the official Labour candidate standing in the constituency.

    They’re not Labour activists, they’re New Labour traitors.

    Think tank compass ?, NO MORAL COMPASS more like.

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