Military chiefs slam Tories for underfunding armed forces as May promises spending boost : Express

THERESA May has been accused of “deception” over claims she has failed to adequately fund the armed forces by some of the nation’s greatest military minds.

Senior defence officials have accused the Prime Minister’s Government of critical underfunding, leaving frontline troop without adequate equipment as they fight to defend the nation.

Former commanders, chiefs of the defence staff and academics have lined up to sign an open letter to the Government, claiming the Conservatives had not set aside enough money to back up their own defence plans.

The letter claimed: “Government boasts of spending two per cent of GDP on defence are widely criticised as an accounting deception.

“Most analysts now agree core defence expenditure for hard military power is well below two per cent.”

Theresa May

Theresa May has confirmed she will place defence commitments among her top priorities by pledging to uphold the UK’s commitment to Nato military spending targets in her manifesto.

Former Liberal Democrat leader and ex-Royal Marine Paddy Ashdown hit out at the Government for critical funding issues, claiming frontline troops were being left without necessary supplies.




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