SNP’s promises to the people of Scotland are undelivered as they continue their single-minded pursuit of independence : Daily Record

Scottish politics has never been as divided as it is now and barely a day passes without more evidence that the parliament is failing, says Record View.

When the Scottish Parliament reconvened in 1999, it was meant to usher in a new type of politics.

The adversarial style of Westminster would be replaced by an atmosphere of consensus – where rivals worked together for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

It hasn’t quite worked out that way.

Scottish politics has never been as divided and angry as it is now. And barely a day passes without more evidence that the parliament is failing.

People want Holyrood to provide decent schools for their kids and reliable hospitals when they are sick.

Instead, they get relentless constitutional bickering while important stuff is neglected.

In the immediate aftermath of the independence referendum, it briefly looked like Scotland would get back to business.

Nicola Sturgeon made well-received promises to fix the roof her party had left to leak in previous years.

The First Minister pledged education would be her top priority and said she wanted to be judged on narrowing the attainment gap.

So far, there is no evidence of any progress on that front and the NHS is in turmoil.




  1. The SNP, like UKIP, are one-trick ponies. They exist to further their particular causes.

    If the people of Scotland don’t want independence, and have no appetite for another referendum, what is the point?. Nicola Sturgeon has done nothing for her own constituency, as she is obsessed with independence, and by the sounds of it, she isn’t doing much for the rest of Scotland either.

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  2. id hope like here in wales the peoples wake up to the fact that they just magic roundabouts for policians who promises the earth but give you broken promises oh dear

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