Tory MPs escape criminal prosecution for alleged election expenses fraud : RT Question More

Tory MPs escape criminal prosecution for alleged election expenses fraud

Tory MPs accused of expenses fraud in the 2015 general election have escaped criminal charges, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced. One complaint remains under consideration.

In a statement on Wednesday, the CPS said after considering files of evidence from 14 police forces on the allegations, “no criminal charges have been authorized.”

The CPS says one file, from Kent Police, remains under consideration. It says that file was received recently and “no inference as to whether any criminal charge may or may not be authorized in relation to this file should be drawn from this fact.”

The allegations centred on claims that up to 30 Conservative Party MPs and election agents failed to properly account for the cost of bussing supporters into marginal constituencies in the weeks before the 2015 general election, including the cost of putting them up in hotels while they campaigned.

The party was accused of registering the cost of campaigning as national rather than local spending, potentially allowing them to take advantage of a higher spending ceiling.

The CPS said: “We considered whether candidates and election agents working in constituencies that were visited by the party’s ‘Battle Bus’ may have committed a criminal offence by not declaring related expenditure on their local returns.





  1. Now the Tory party Chair is making threats…

    “The Tory Party Chair’s chilling threat to anyone who still wants to discuss the election expenses scandal.Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin has threatened anyone who thinks Tory election expenses are still worth discussing. He called for people “on the internet” to stop talking about it:
    People should be aware that making false claims about a candidate’s personal character and conduct is an electoral offence, as well as being defamatory.”

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