An excellent critque of – Tom Pryde’s et al – exposure of KAISER PERMANENTE.

Private healthcare features photos of people smiling for no apparent reason!


The site I’m looking at is Kaiser Permanente, so-called because you’ll be ‘permanently’ bankrupt if you have to use them.  It’s the one you might not have heard much about because apart from The Guardian and The Mirror, the papers tend not to shout about it.  Tom Pride’s website does which is why I’ve added a link where he points out that Theresa May’s plan is to quietly break the NHS and then bring in this lot. Go to their website and it features photos of people who look as though they’ve fallen face first into a vat of Prozac.

I’ve also included a link to Political Concern and Vox Political.  It seems that mainly bloggers are paying attention to the coming health catastrophe.  Maybe the Daily Mail, Times and Telegraph writers who are subject to their overlords should think about whether they can personally afford private healthcare? From what I hear the Times doesn’t pay that much.


Linda Jane Purcell…freelance mum.


  1. You won’t find any of this on the front of the Mail, Sun or Express, or even the left leaning Mirror.

    I left a comment in the Express about these carpetbaggers, but my comment went into moderation, and never got printed.

    People are sharing this on facebook and twitter, but it needs sharing far and wide until it becomes common knowledge. What an utter hypocrite Hunt is. He is a smirking assasin.

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