Barry Gardiner: Labour’s media-man on fire has interviewers feeling the burn (videos)


Labour’s incredible General Election campaign continues to gather steam and reveal diamonds. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – in spite of the best efforts of Kuenssberg and others to present the campaigns as roughly equal in content and quality, continues to outshine Theresa May on every level with his ease and humanity in meeting the actual public and various Labour front-benchers have performed strongly on their brief in the media.

However, one man has taken many people by surprise. Barry Gardiner, Labour MP (now candidate) for Brent North and (until Parliament was dissolved) Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, is a man on fire.

gardinerGardiner – who will be talking exclusively to the SKWAWKBOX later today – is a charming, softly-spoken man with a steel core. While Corbyn has been out on the campaign trail and meeting the public, he has become Labour’s point man with the media –…

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  1. Barry Gardiner has been a star in this election debate. He always has the facts to hand, and is always able to put down the most experienced BBC reporters with ease, fair play to him.

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