Corbyn’s manifesto is the clearest challenge to the powerful that we have seen from any Labour leader for decades : Evolve Politics

Labour’s 2017 general election manifesto was leaked yesterday, and it is the clearest challenge to the rich and powerful that we have seen from any Labour leader in the last thirty years.

The Tory press is attempting to make the leak out to be a “disaster” for the Labour Party. But the radical content of the manifesto has blown this narrative out of the water.

In reality, the only people for whom Labour’s manifesto is a disaster is the corrupt political establishment and the super-rich, both of whom have much to lose if Labour is elected on such a manifesto.

Amongst other things, the manifesto lays out plans to nationalise the railways; partially nationalise the energy industry, and introduce a cap on fuel spending; reverse the privatisation of Royal Mail; ban fracking; abolish tuition fees and maintenance grants; reverse the privatisation of the NHS and provide it with an additional £6billion per year; work toward the creation of a National Care Service; lower the voting age to 16; scrap the bedroom tax; invest in council houses; maintain the “triple-lock” on pensions; introduce a minimum wage of £10 per hour by 2020; ban zero-hour contracts; and overturn the Trade Union Bill.

These are vote winning policies!

According to a 2015 Yougov poll, 58% of the public would support the nationalisation of rail and other utilities, with only 17% opposed. The public have also expressed consistent support for the renationalisation of Royal Mail.

Tax the super-rich!

But how will all this be funded, I hear you ask. Well, Corbyn’s Labour have laid that out too.

The manifesto outlines plans to raise taxes for individuals earning over £80,000, as well as introducing a 20:1 limit on the gap between the lowest and highest paid workers in companies given Government contracts.

This is in addition to clamping down on the tax avoiding super-rich – who, it is estimated, cost the British economy an eye-watering £120billion every year.




  1. Yes he’s 100% right, and we on this Blog – as well as other Blogs and Forums out there – can see it.

    It’s crystal sparkling clear to us, yet there’s millions of idiots out there who are entitled to a vote and JUST CAN’T SEE IT.

    It’s heartbreaking just having to watch and listen to this, it really is, it’s not making me feel good, just ficken depressed.

    Liked by 1 person

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