Gordon Brown fails to mention Jeremy Corbyn once as he all but concedes General Election to Tories : The Telegraph

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stands in front of a Jump Jet Harrier fighter plane as he addresses Labour supporters at a rally in the Engineering Building of Coventry University

Gordon Brown appeared to concede the General Election to the Conservatives and suggested Labour must hold the Tories to account after June 8 as he failed to mention Jeremy Corbyn by name.

The former prime minister made a major intervention in the election campaign as he warned against giving Theresa May a “blank cheque” on Brexit and said that the UK’s divorce with Brussels could harm the UK’s manufacturing industry.

But his comments in Coventry were largely overshadowed by his apparent refusal to back the Labour leader in public.

He spoke for 25-minutes and did not refer to Mr Corbyn once as he instead urged voters in the city to back Labour’s three candidates.

Mr Brown said: “Ask yourself, is the National Health Service safe with the Conservative candidates, or the Ukip candidates, or the Liberal candidates in Coventry?

“Or is it safe with the people who have always fought for the health service, that supported the extra funding, that made the promises and want to see them kept, that will hold the Government to account on the National Health Service.

“I say to you, the National Health Service is safe only in the hands of Labour people who will fight every day.”

Mr Brown repeatedly spoke of getting “advocates” and “champions” for the region in the Commons.




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