Jeremy Corbyn’s critics stay silent in manifesto meeting : i News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Photo: Getty)

Moderate Labour MPs stayed silent during Labour’s manifesto meeting, an insider has told the i. Jeremy Corbyn’s election offer includes re-nationalising the railways and the Royal Mail along with abolishing tuition fees. It has provoked grumblings from Mr Corbyn’s critics. Former culture secretary Ben Bradshaw suggested the radical blueprint would never be implemented. “Let’s get real, the Tories are 20 points ahead in the polls,” he told the BBC. “It’s the Tory manifesto people need to be focused on.” Other parliamentary candidates including Ian Austin and John Woodcock emphasised that they were standing on their own local records. But parliamentarians from Labour’s right did not attempt to amend the document at the party’s “clause V meeting” on Thursday. “Much nicer” The meeting included the shadow cabinet and party bigwigs. A party insider on Labour’s “soft left” who was there said a number of moderates representing the Parliamentary Labour Party “didn’t say a word, they just sat there throughout”. These included former Middlesborough MP Tom Blenkinsop, a prominent critic of Mr Corbyn. But the activist said there had been little factional antagonism at the event. “Margaret Beckett had loads of amendments, but they were all really sensible,” they said.




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